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Unlock Your Joy: Your Pathway to Happiness Starts Here!

As a happiness coach, I've created this space to empower women like you. If you are tired of living an unsatisfying life, of unhappiness; If you're exhausted by the lack of direction, anxiety, and the feeling that nothing good is happening in your life, I'm here to help. I want you to discover the best version of yourself, to be happy and to have a life full of unlimited possibilities. That you can find yourself and develop your full potential. I'll show you how to move forward consciously.

I want to share my experiences, provide you with guidance and tools to help you develop your inner strength. May you be able to manifest the life of your dreams. No matter what your circumstance is, the time to be happy is now. Together we will work so that you can find more happiness, satisfaction, independence and achievement in your life.


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About me

I am a mother of three children, a wife, and a coach. For over two decades, I have dedicated myself to studying and learning about happiness, purpose, the workings of the mind, energy, intuition, and many other areas. I have learned from great teachers through courses, books, training, conferences, and mentorships. After successfully transforming my thoughts and attitudes, my life has changed in a wonderful way. When I changed, everything around me changed. My relationship with my children, my finances, my health, my work, and my relationships with my family and friends changed. In the process, I also learned to leave behind relationships that did not contribute to my well-being.


My soul calls me to share all my knowledge because I know there are other women who can benefit and transform their lives. If you are that someone, I invite you to allow me to be your guide. You are not alone. Together, we can achieve a happier life!

Unlock Your Joy: Your Pathway to Happiness Starts Here!

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Ask Milagros

If you have any questions or need to make any inquiries, feel free to ask me. You can fill out the form below or send me an email. I am here to assist you and provide you with the best possible service.

Gainesville, Florida USA

Thanks for reaching out!

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